Specialty of the Month December 2009; Search & Recovery

Specialty of the Month December 2009; Search & Recovery

The Search & Recovery specialty is a highly popular specialty at Instructor level with my IDC candidates.

Why? The main reason most likely is the following; Spend time around water (as a diver, how can you avoid it?) and sooner or later, you come across someone who lost something underwater. That's where you come in as a trained Search & Recovery diver, you jump in the water and find the lost object and everybody lives long and happily ever after! Well, almost.

It's not always that simple and easy to find something back that got lost underwater but this course teaches some techniques and underwater search patterns and helps you finding the best way to start a search.

This specialty does require some specialized equipment, one of them being a lift bag. During the course dives on Chaweng Beach my good old lift bag has lifted a few bags of rubbish out of the water.

During the course you learn how to fill the bag in the proper and safe way and how to position yourself during the whole process of rigging and lifting the bag with it's load.

Gloves and compass are also required, although for the Search & Recovery Adventure dive the gloves are not required anymore. You will also learn how to tie three knots; the bowline, two half hitches and the sheet bend.

Some of the things that I found on Chaweng Beach include various smaller sized anchors, like the one in this picture.

It's a challenging but very rewarding course, you learn search and recovery dive planning, organization, procedures, techniques and how to deal with potential problems, split up over 4 training dives. You will also learn how to locate large and small objects using search patterns, and various ways for lifting them to the surface. Not only do these skills make you more capable and confident in the water, but most Search & Recovery Divers eventually end up searching for and recovering something they lost themselves.

Sign up this month for the Search & Recovery specialty and you will receive 10% discount on the course price.


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