The last IDC of 2009, the December version is in the bag!

The last IDC of 2009, the December version is in the bag!

After having completed the AI course earlier this week, it was now time for the OWSI course to kick off. Well, today that course was completed, the last IDC of 2009 is officially in the bag!

Plenty of work still had to be done before we could complete this IDC and here are the four candidates before one of their Open Water dives, behind World Resort on the beach. This was one of their two presentations in Open Water.

After one of their Open Water presentations they also had to snorkel 800 meters, here they are after just having finished that swim.

We also had more Confined Water and , yes, you guessed it, more classroom presentations by me and James, who staffed once more an IDC with me after he completed his IDCS course two months ago.

As usual, we also enjoyed great lunches at World Resort during our lunch breaks, from left to right, myself, Dave, Karim, Thomas, Dijana and James.
Tomorrow I'm off to Phuket for a PADI Course Director update in Phuket, to get back to Samui with the last flight, just to get on the ferry to Koh Tao the next morning to go over to Koh Tao for the PADI IE.
Keep your eyes tuned to this blog for updates on the various travels I'll be making.

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