December 2009 IDC started

December 2009 IDC started

It's this time of the month again, time for another IDC and it's also this time of the year again, its the last IDC of the year. The prep course finished yesterday with David, Tom and Dijana and James is staffing again. Today the actual IDC started with the AI course and Karim joined us, although he's only supposed to sit through an OWSI course, since he didn't renew for 7 years and in order to regain Teaching Status, an OWSI is required, according to PADI. He's participating in the whole IDC though, so he doesn't miss out on additional training and some important presentations by me that will help him on how to prepare for his own presentations in the classroom, confined water and open water.

From left to right, during the exams; David, Dijana and Tom.

Karim today during the skill circuit, starting off with a deep water entry, or the giant stride.

Dijana, Tom and Dave during their Rescue exercise # 7 practice.
Keep tuned for more updates, soon to come.

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