The prep course for the November IDC has been completed

The IDC Prep course for November has been completed

Loyal followers of the this blog know pretty much what is involved on an IDC prep course but here we go one more time, lots of red tape needs to get out of the way for starters, get those liability releases signed!

Than there are 5 theory exams that are covered over two days in an IDC prep, Physics, Physiology, RDP, General skills & Environment and last but not least; Equipment. Here are the guys in action, Nigel in the front row, Gregory who completed the IDC last month but decided to wait with the PADI IE for another month and will be refreshing some skills and presentations during this IDC, Imad who's completing his IDCS course and James who did complete his IDCS course last month and is back to staff this IDC.

James staffing away and contemplating what score he's going to give.

Nigel and Imad during the buddy breathing swim of the skill circuit. Said skill circuit, consisting of 20 skills is also parts of the Prep course.

And last but not least, rescue exercise # 7, practice again and again and again.
See you later for more AI course updates.

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