PADI Risk Seminar 2009

PADI Risk Seminar 2009

It was more than two years ago when Richard Evans , PADI Manager at the Quality Assurance department for PADI AP, stopped on Koh Samui for a PADI Seminar or rather more specific a Risk Seminar.

Today's event took place at World Resort in-between Bophud and Maenam and a good 20 PADI members showed up to witness a brand new presentation by Richard.

It's always good to visit a Seminar presented by Richard since he's an experienced and entertaining presenter and he has a vast amount of knowledge of incidents and/ore accidents, which he has been following professionally now for more than 17 years.

The Seminar included newly shot footage about an Open Water class and an dive with certified divers, led by an instructor and discusses problems that happen during both events. If you have the opportunity to attend a PADI Risk Seminar, make sure to drop by and get the additional experience to avoid similar situations happening to you!
Thanks to Richard for stopping by and hope to see you again soon (in two years time) with a new presentation.