EFRI October 2009; mission completed

EFRI October 2009; mission completed

Before we can enjoy our day off during the current IDC tomorrow, we completed the EFRI course today at the usual location of the local recompression chamber in Bang Rak.

This is what part of the course is about, protocols for delivering CPR and how to teach it.

One of the things less highlighted is that there's an exam during the EFRI course besides the hands on skill practice. Here the participants are sweating it out over said exam.

At the end they all passed successfully with a theoretical part during the morning and a lot more action and fun during the afternoon with the skill practice. Here we all are in front of the pot, from left to right; Olivier, Bruno, Craig, Gregory and myself.
Monday we continue again with the IDC, business as usual. Now first let's kick back for a day.

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