DSAT Gas blending and Equipment repair courses

DSAT Gas blending and Equipment repair courses

Were on the menu today. We started off with the static part of the Gas Blending course, academics; some slides to reinforce the information followed by reviewing the knowledge reviews and to top it off, an exam. For non native English speakers, this always seems to be a tough one. It's also the only exam in the PADI system at 'beginner' level that I know of, which has a 80% passing rate.

The new Mares retail shop in Bang Rak has a beautiful and brand new filling station attached to it and the picture above gives you an idea how the good old partial pressure mixing desk and the brand new Oxygen stik fit in, with on the right hand the air bank.

Craig, Olivier and Bruno working out what mixes we need to get with a great view of the also brand new Coltri Sub compressor. David is just out of the picture, but he's also taking this course, although he will have to wait for completing his Gas Blender Instructor course until he completes his IDC later in December, in contrast to Bruno, Craig and Olivier who will complete this course this coming Sunday.
A prerequisite for the Gas Blender course is that you need to be a Nitrox diver.

This is the Gas Mix calculator they were looking at, it tells you how much Oxygen needs to go in a tank in order to get the required mix. The Gas Blender course makes you either use the electronic mixer or you can use the good old tables and calculate everything the good old way.

As part of the Gas Blender course we also did some Oxygen cleaning and Bruno has his own idea of how that can be achieved. Good thinking Bruno!

As part of the equipment repair course and the Gas Blender course we used the sonic bath to clean parts of a 1st stage of a regulator. Usually I conduct the equipment repair course simultaneously with the blender course, since it takes time in between Nitrox tanks to fill up, time we use for having a closer look at some pieces of equipment.

After a long day of academics, exams, hands on cleaning and tank fills we were glad to get the group picture out of the way and finish the day, from left to right, Olivier, Bruno, me, David and Craig.

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