The October IDC has kicked off

The October IDC has kicked off

Today was the first day of the new and current IDC, after we completed the prep course yesterday and starting the AI or Assistant Instructor course part of the IDC. Craig, Olivier, Bruno and Gregory had their first taste of IDC PowerPoint presentations today and we talked about preparing Knowledge Development- and Confined Water presentations.

They also completed their skill circuit today and Gregory and Olivier can be seen during their air depletion skill.

Craig and Bruno give it a go together at the Alternate Air Source skill during their skill circuit.

If you follow this blog on a regular base, than you should know by now that part of the IDC training involves practicing rescue exercise # 7 of the Rescue diver course and Gregory tries to rescue Bruno in this picture, with Paul waving in the background.

Craig, Olivier and James, who's completing his IDCS course, seem to be having quite a bit of fun at this rescue attempt.

Last but not least, Gregory in action during his performance of a Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent, which is slightly more challenging for him than the other 3 candidates, since he doesn't have a PADI background, but is crossing over from another recreational dive organisation. He's standing his ground though and if you like to keep updated about their progress, stay tuned to this channel!

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