Instructor Specialties in the making

Instructor Specialties in the making

Antoine and Chris aka Jonesi continued on after the recent IDC and PADI IE with their Instructor level Specialty training.
The Specialties we tackled included Deep, Underwater Navigation, Search & Recovery, Night diving, DUP (Digital Underwater Photography), Nitrox and Underwater Naturalist.

We went to dive around Koh Tao one day and here's a shot of Mae Haad bay on our way back after two fantastic dives at Japanese Gardens.

Visibility was superb, with a good 20 meters and we saw plenty of interesting things underwater, amongst them a lot of these lovely Christmas Trees as pictured above.

A really interesting encounter was with this Star Puffer fish who was being cleaned by a cleaner wrasse and didn't move for at least 5 minutes, enjoying being cleaned and I take it also our interest. The cleaner fish is just about to disappear in the puffer's gill.

This colorful shot is from an anemone that was waving around in a mild current and exposed it's very colorful side.

During the dives on Chaweng beach we encountered also some cool stuff, like this octopus which was hiding in a kind of ball.

What excited me very much was this pipe fish and I can't make up mind which kind it is, it may be a black banded one but I'm not sure. It was at least 30 cm long and it just kept sitting there, without moving, giving me some good photo opportunities.

We also completed a night dive as one of the Specialties and I yet need to find a place where you see more crabs during a dive than here. This one looks like a swimmer crab and he's got plenty of family around at night!
Thanks for some great fun during the dives and good luck to Jonesi who is about to start his MSDT internship as soon as he receives his teaching status.
Stay tuned, the next IDC is about to start in less than 2 weeks!

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