Current IDC: the AI part has been completed

Current IDC: the AI part has been completed

Today Kobi, Antoine and Jonesi completed the Assistant Instructor part of their current IDC. There's a good chance that you can find them down town Chaweng tonight for a little bit of celebration. After the Prep course we're half way down the IDC now.

Knowledge Development has been tackled and they presented their first class room presentations. See the picture above for the Course Director utensils that he needs in order to deal with this part of the course early in the morning.

Rescue practice was needed to get the rust out of their movements and auto mechanisms. They're getting it up to scratch as we're speaking.

As usual, we're enjoying some great lunches at World Resort, once again!

Today we finished at Chaweng Beach with an Open Water dive.
Tomorrow is a well deserved day off, followed by the EFR Instructor course and after that, the OWSI program will kick off.
Stay tuned for more updates!

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