PADI Specialty of the Month June 2009; Peak Performance Buoyancy

PADI Specialty of the Month June 2009; Peak Performance Buoyancy

To have good buoyancy is essential for every diver. It took me a while to finally have that light turn on above my head and I figured out what my instructors were always talking about. This was partly due to the fact that I was a 'holiday' diver and in the beginning of my diving career I only dived once a year during my holidays, usually just a course and maybe a days worth of fun diving.
After I completed my Open Water diver course it took me almost a year before I completed the next step, the Advanced Open Water course.

The feeling of having control over and understanding the concept of buoyancy came a bit late and looking back now, the PPB or Peak Performance Buoyancy course would have been very good for me.

During the Peak Performance Buoyancy course you learn how to streamline yourself, so your equipment doesn't get damaged but more importantly, you don't damage any fragile marine with your dangling equipment. You also learning how to adjust buoyancy by your breathing technique. A deep breath in and you move up quite a lot and breath out deeply and you loose some buoyancy. The same with small(er) amounts of breath breathing in and out and the less you move up and down.

Eventually you learn how to glide effortlessly and cleanly through the water, without bumping in to marine life.

A course well worth investing in at any stage during your dive career.

A prime sample of hovering practice in a confined water setting during the February 2009 IDC.


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