Instructor Specialties for the June 09 IDC

Instructor Specialties for the June 09 IDC

Are completed and there were some interesting dives after this June 09 IDC. It's always good to leave the classroom and go out for some diving and the dive site we visited included Sail Rock and around Koh Tao; Hin Mong Bay, the always fabulous Lighthouse and Japanese Garden which currently holds a small wooden wreck.

A very common nudibranch, this one at Hin Mong Bay; Phyllidia Varicosa

The specialties covered varied and included; deep diving, dry suit, underwater navigation, Dup (Digital Underwater photography), underwater naturalist (PADI's specialty of the year), DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle), equipment, Search & Recovery and Nitrox.

Acropora digitifera coral, also at Hin Mong Bay
This post hosts some pictures that I made during the Specialty Training dives at the various sites we visited.
The new wreck at Japanese Garden, a rather small wooden, yellow dive boat

Somebody had a nice crab meal

Tubastraea faulkneri coral at Sail Rock
Hope you enjoy the pictures, have a look at my Scubaboard gallery for more pictures.

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