Platinum CD and other Awards stuff

Platinum CD and other Awards stuff

It's been a fairly quiet month for me, dive and teaching wise, although there was plenty 'behind the scenes' work going. Website updating, doing bits and pieces of SEO and being active with other social web platforms like my Facebook acount or my LinkedIn profile and various web forums that I participate in, not to mention updating my Samui Info and weather blog.

Next month should be a busier month with more frequent updates, there will be an IDC starting 8th June and that alone will generate plenty of blog entries.

In the meantime, I have been receiving all the physical evidence of the awards that I received recently, my personal highlight being that I received the PADI Instructor Development Award out of Drew Richardson's hands.
The decal for the Platinum Course Director rating has been in the mailbox as well, which makes it all complete for this year, so far that is!

Platinum Course Director decal

Wall certificate for the Instructor Development Award
Looking forward seeing you here again next month.