Surfing and box jellyfish!

Surfing and box jellyfish!

A strange combination to start with and where does the diving come in?

Today I received two different messages from two different girls originating from and living on two different continents.

The first message was from Holly Beck, a well known US surfer who competes at the worlds surf stage and recently got into diving. Her shots together with a whaleshark became pretty famous. The surf and dive industry, including PADI, are building bridges and that's more or less how Holly got in to diving. She confirmed my link exchange request today, which makes me very happy and I added her to my blog roll in return!

The second message was from a Malaysian blogger, Miss F. She got stung by box jellyfish very recently, posted about it on her blog, including some very impressive pictures of her injuries. Since she didn't know anything about box jellyfish and her injuries, she found my blog on the net whilst researching the subject at hand and since I've been writing a lot about my experiences with box jellyfish she found my blog.

They both write excellent blogs by the way, very different content on each blog but worthwhile checking out and that's how two very different topics, surfing and box jellyfish come together. In their own rights, not directly related to diving but they are definitely connected now!


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