Specialty of the month for April 2009; Digital Underwater Photography

Specialty of the month for April 2009; Digital Underwater Photography

This specialty make my world go faster! Although I use fairly simple almost kinda aim and shoot cameras, first a Canon IXY 80 and now a Canon IXUS 85 15. The latter, including an underwater housing can be had for a mere 13.500,-THB at Pantip Plaza in Bangkok.

Cleaner shrimp at Pattaya

Back to this exciting Specialty though, digital has taken the underwater photography world by storm, including myself! It's a great way to show friends and relatives how beautiful the underwater is. By taking the Digital Underwater Photography specialty course you’ll soon be making pictures like the pros. And you’ll also learn to process your photos on the computer.

Red tailed Butterfly fish at the Similan Islands, January 2009

The course is a good introduction on how to get started with a digital camera underwater and can be adjusted to the knowledge level you're at.

Western Clownfish at the Similan islands, January 2009
Over the years, during my IDC's , I've had two great photographers in my course, one is Imp, a true legend from Malaysia, check out his site for some exciting pix and the other is Richard from the Netherlands who can take a mean picture.

Banded boxer shrimp at Sail Rock, March 2009

If you sign up for the Digital Underwater Specialty during this April, you'll receive a 10% discount on the course price.

Whaleshark at Chumpon Pinnacle, 2008

Tube Anemone at Twins, 2008

Pink Anemone Fish at Mango Bay, 2008

Giant Moray Eel at Sail Rock, 2008
Hope you enjoy taking pictures underwater as much as I do and if you're interested, this is a course to get you on your way or even beyond!

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