Busy at Chaweng Beach; Instructor Specialties and DMT Training

Busy at Chaweng Beach; Instructor Specialties and DMT Training

And busy it was indeed, with Xavier I conducted a few Instructor Specialties, Underwater Navigation, Underwater Naturalist, Night and Search & Recovery. If the weather holds on, on Monday we'll be conducting the Deep dives at Sail Rock.

Claire and Ton, two former IDC candidates were conducting Night and Nitrox dives and three DMT's and a candidate for the next IDC were conducting various DMT related dives, like mapping.

Xavier at the end of some very nice beach dives at Chaweng Reef, the visibility was outstanding and lots of fish was to be spotted.

A rare sight in the Gulf of Thailand; a lion fish.

During the night dive we spotted this sleeping Bluebarred Parrotfish.

This lovely Seahorse was spotted by us during the Search & Recovery dives. Chaweng Reef and Beach has plenty to offer!

The DMT's, Staff and IDC candidates crawling over the beach, from left to right; Mike and Steven (DMT's), Steve and Xavier (OWSI's) and Chris who will be participating in my upcoming November IDC.
All in all two lovely days of diving and I hope we can keep enjoying it as long as possible, with the rainy season looming around the corner.

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