Specialty of the month July 2008

Specialty of the month July 2008

Is Deep diving. This seems to be one for the guys, they always want to go deeper and longer!

Kidding aside though, during this course you will go beyond 30 meters of depth with a max depth of 40 meters. Any deeper and within the PADI system you end up in the DSAT Tech diving courses.

This is a very popular Specialty and one that I teach a lot on Instructor level. In my opinion it's not too difficult to go deep, however, making it a safe dive and realising what you're doing and how to get safely back to the topside, that is where the knowledge learned in this Specialty pays off.

Topics like Decompression Sickness and Nitrogen Narcosis are being discussed and the Specialty consists of 4 dives between 18 and 40 meters.

Hope you enjoy this Deep Diver Specialty and if you book during July 2008, you get 10% off the course price for this Specialty.


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