Specialties are under way

Specialties are under way

Mainly with Steve, who can be seen in action with Little Annie on the picture below, but also Saori and Junko completed the EFRI course.

The EFRI course was completed yesterday and today we were off to Chaweng beach for the Search & Recovery- and Night Dive Instructor Specialty, just Steve and me.

During said Search & Recovery dives, we encountered a few interesting animals, first of all we saw a Sea Horse, my 2nd ever in almost 10 years diving in Thailand, so I got pretty excited over that, than we spotted this amazing animal that I don't recall ever seeing before. (EDIT: it turns out, that this is indeed a sea cucumber, or class Holothurians, as noted by Richard in one of the comments. It's actually a Cercodemas anceps pink warty cucumber, as one of my fish ID books claims) We also saw some octopus, which kept the excitement going!

To top it off though, I found this beautiful, though slightly damaged, shell of a Nautilus. This was and still is on my wish list of things to see, alive, and I was really surprised to find a shell on Chaweng Beach. My first thought was that it is a copy from a local restaurant, which somehow ended up on the beach (stranger things happen and can be found off Chaweng beach) but looking at it, it may well be an original shell, coming from the wide open ocean. I got really excited about finding this!

This made for a real surprising and exciting afternoon dives.

We also had a night dive scheduled, however, by the time we met at 6.30 pm again, it had started to rain and it got a lot worse, with a lot of wind and more rain. The night dive ended up not being as exciting as the dives during the day time, but I still like to share this picture of a crab with you, spotted during the night dive tonight. Chaweng Beach has usually dozens, if not hundred(s) of crabs during night dives, in all sorts and sizes, that alone makes it worth while diving for night dive purposes.

Tomorrow the Gas Blender Instructor and the Equipment Instructor courses are going to be completed and on Friday we complete the DAN O2 Instructor course.

We still have the two days on the boat left, with the Deep Dive Instructor, Multi level Instructor and the Underwater Navigation Instructor Specialty to go, but due to current weather conditions, which are very unusual for July, see my Samui weather blog for more updates, and having to start another IDC within a week again, those dives will be postponed until after the July IDC is completed.

In the meantime, Steve will start and hopefully complete swiftly, his MSDT internship, as part of his Open Water to Go pro CDC package.


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