PADI IE June 2008 successfully completed

The PADI for IE June 2008 has been successfully completed by my candidates.

All six of them passed with flying colours after a grueling, nerve wrecking but also fun three days. After today's closing session of this PADI IE they all left the PADI Divemaster ranks and became PADI OWSI's or PADI Scuba Instructors.

Let's have a look on how they got there during the last three days;

The official opening of this PADI IE, done by PADI Examiner Rob Scammell.

It all started with an orientation by Rob, the PADI Examiner, that lasted for about an hour and 15 minutes during which he explained all the rules of this IE and sorted the red tape or paperwork out and the candidates received their assignments.

After the orientation there was a short break and they all ploughed their way through 5 dive theory Exams in the topics of Physics, Physiology, RDP, General Skills & Environment and last but not least Equipment. After completing these 5 exams, they went on to complete their General Standards & Procedures exam.

All the exams were skillfully navigated and all 6 of them could call it a successful end to the first IE day and start preparing for the next day, where the Confined Water and Knowledge Development part were scheduled.

In the morning of day 2, they started out at the pool with their Confined Water presentation.

Here's Rob, the PADI Examiner, seen on the back, listening to a Confined Water briefing, with on his left PADI IDCS Instructor Nobu, who translated everything from Japanese into English for Rob.

All six candidates passed this confidently, both their Confined Water presentation and their 5 skills which they had to demonstrate.

During the afternoon they all had prepared a Knowledge Development presentation, in which they prescriptively taught a topic from either the PADI Open Water-, Rescue- or Divemaster course.

They also passed this part very successfully! Up to day # 3, the final day.

This morning, the last and final day of this PADI IE the Open Water part was scheduled. Here they have to demonstrate 2 skills integrated in one dive. One skill is an Open Water diver course skill and the other skills is a 'continual education' skills, either from the Advanced Open Water diver or Rescue diver course and exercise #7 from the Rescue diver course.

At Chaweng beach, during a beautiful sunny morning, see my Samui weather blog for more info on today's weather, Saori, Yumi and Masae are practicing one last time the knot tying skills, required for some Open Water presentations.

Steve and Claire are ready to enter the water to set up their work place or rather, their office. This is done by means of a descent/ascent line, connected to a sand screw on the bottom of the sea and on top marked by a big yellow 'Diver below' marker buoy.

After having exited the Open Water and before their debriefings start, Saori, Masae and Yumi give each other some form of Japanese hi-fives, I guess........

The word is out, 6 new PADI instructors have been born today and here they are, all lined and exited about their new achievement.

The offical picture, from left to right; Nobu, Junko, Steve, Saori, Rob, Yumi, Masae, yours truly and Claire.

Good luck to all six of you and stay tuned for next month adventures for a new IDC and IE.


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