June 2008 AI course completed

June 2008 AI course completed

Yesterday, Saturday, we completed the Open Water dive that's part of the AI course and with that we completed the AI course and are ready for a well deserved day off, before on Monday the OWSI course kicks off! Next week the PADI IE is looming, after we complete this IDC.
There's some more work to be completed before that though. The weather during the IDC was varying a lot, one day we had loads of sunshine and the next day we were in the swimming pool during a rain storm. See my Samui weather blog for some reviews of Samui's daily weather changes.

Let's have a look at some action pix however, to proof how hard they all worked. Here's Claire being rescued by Steve.

A good view over the pool at World resort, during a Confined Water briefing.

A different perspective, during Masae's briefing for her Confined Water presentation.

Masae in action during her Confined Water demonstration of regulator recovery. One of the many possible skills IDC candidates may have to perform during the Confined Water dives.

Here's Saori, "Look Mum, I don't need hands" during her demonstration of the Remove and Replace Scuba Unit Underwater skill in Confined Water.

'Instructor' Junko is controlling 'student' Steve during his Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent in Confined Water. A beautiful execution of the skill and great control by Junko.

'Instructor' Yumi, seen on the back and 'student' Saori performing the free flowing regulator skill in Confined Water.

As usual, we enjoyed great lunches at World Resort with in this picture our very international group of Dutch, Chinese, British and Japanese participants. From left to right, myself, Junko, Saori, Akira, Yumi, Masae, Claire and Steve.

Stay tuned for more updates next week.


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