Puffer-fish ball manufacturers will face harsh actions

Puffer-fish ball manufacturers will face harsh actions

As you may know, in Japan there's a fish which they name fugu which in the rest of the English spoken world is known as puffer fish. As you may know, the fugu has a deadly poison and if not prepared correctly, the consumption of the fish can be deadly. It seems to be part of the attraction in Japan.

In Thailand puffer fish is not on the menu, however, some cheapskate soup producer has ground 'cheap' puffer fish products into his soup and this has caused 140 Thais in the Northern province of Nan to suffer poisonous reactions.

Puffer fish can be seen on many or almost all dive sites in Thailand, both at the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, if you're interested in diving, come and see me for a some diving in the Gulf and spot puffer fish in real live.

Suspected puffer fish poisons 140 in Thailand: report

20 hours ago

BANGKOK (AFP) — More than 140 people have been rushed to hospital in northern Thailand after snacking on fish balls thought to be made from the highly poisonous puffer fish, local media reported Sunday.

Villagers in Nan province were given a soup containing the fish balls at a funeral, the Bangkok Post newspaper reported, and soon began vomiting, complaining of numbness in the tongue and shortness of breath.

After being rushed to hospital, doctors deduced that the funeral-goers had symptoms in line with puffer fish poisoning, which can be deadly, the English-language daily said. They are being kept in hospital under observation.

The fish balls were bought at a local market, the paper said, adding that meat from the toxic fish is sometimes used illegally because it is cheap.

Puffer fish is valued as a delicacy known as fugu in Japan, where chefs are specially trained to prepare it so it does not endanger diners.

The fish contains a poison known as tetrodotoxin, a neurotoxin which paralyses a person's muscles and for which there is no antidote.

Bangkok Post 21/04/08

Puffer-fish ball manufacturers will face harsh actions

The Public Health Ministry vows to take harsh actions against manufacturers of puffer-fish balls.

"We will shut down any factory found churning out puffer fish balls," Public Health Minister Chaiya Sasomsap said Sunday.

He said the owner of such factory would also face up to two years in jail and/or a maximum fine of Bt20,000.

Up to 90 people in Nan province were hospitalised Friday after they ate food served at a funeral. They had difficulty breathing, and numbness in their limbs - symptoms associated to puffer-fish poison.

Of these patients, 32 remains at two hospitals in Nan. Up to five are in intensive-care units.

The Nation 21/04/08