The AI part of the April 08 IDC has been completed

The AI part of the April 08 IDC has been completed

Yesterday was the last day of the AI course and today we're all enjoying a day off, after having spent 6 days in a row with classroom presentations, confined water and open water presentations.

Here's Ulrike during one of her classroom presentations as part of her AI course. Each candidate has to do two of these presentations during the AI course and than another two during the OWSI course. During the PADI IE or Instructor Examination, the candidates get to present one more.

As part of the confined water training, we also have the candidates practice rescue scenario # 7 from the PADI Rescue diver course; "Unconscious diver at the surface", a skill that's part of the IE curriculum. Here's Joe in full swing during one of his turns. Marcus and Paul the IDCS Instructors are looking on in the background.

Melita in action during of her Rescue scenario.

As usual we also have very enjoyable lunches during our breaks from classes at World Resort where the classroom facilities are located. From left to right; Marcus who's completing his IDCS course, Melita one of the IDC candidate, Paul who is already IDCS Instructor, myself, Joe and Ulrike, who are also candidates.

Keep your eyes posted for more updates on this IDC.


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