AI course of the February 2008 IDC completed

Yesterday we completed the AI part of the current IDC.

Last night James threw a BBQ at his house where all attended, thanks James, it was great, despite the fact that you created a new meaning for the word blackened! The Chili and salads were excellent though! Whatever happened to the fireworks, by the way?

During the Assistant Instructor (AI) part of the IDC, the candidates get to present their first Knowledge Development presentations and this picture shows Gideon in action, with Ulrike and Adam listening in, rather fascinated.

As always, the lunches at World Resort are excellent. With so many people involved, the tables are filled up nicely!

The other part that they get introduced to, is their Confined Water presentations, here are James and Fred preparing, with Gideon in the background.

Adam and Simon having fun before they go into the pool.

Part of the Confined water training is the Rescue Exercise # 7 of the Rescue diver course, for which they get evaluated during the Open Water segment of the Instructor Exam (IE).

This picture shows Marcus giving ventilation's by means of a pocket mask to James.

Fred is at the beginning of his rescue scenario in this picture, with Ulrike as victim and Wahid as the equipment handler and evaluator, Chris can be seen looking on in the background.

Yesterday we went to Chaweng beach for the Open water dives, but it was a bit windy and it turned out to be a bit of a challenge with fairly big waves and underwater surge towards the end. For the Samui weather updates, have a look at my Samui weather blog.

Today we all enjoy a nice day off and tomorrow we continue with the OWSI course.

Stay tuned,


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