DUP and various other specialties

The last 3 days where dedicated for more Specialty training.
Marcus who lives in Singapore came to see me for Specialty training and he wanted to take the Digital Underwater Photography Instructor course, the only course a PADI Divemaster can participate at Instructor level.
Besides this course at Instructor, he also participated in the Underwater Naturalist Specialty and the Diver Propulsion Vehicle or DPV Specialty, aka under water scooter.
Late January Marcus will return to Samui to participate in my February 2008 IDC.
Here are some pictures that I took during the last three days whilst diving with Marcus. This picture shows a massive school of fish at Chumpon Pinnacle. The school consisted of a couple of hundred fish and it is fasciniating to see the school move as one body. All change direction at the same time.

Here's a picture of a very common stingray in these waters, the Blue Spotted Sting ray

Red Sea Fan

Reef live, with a sea urchin, various Christmas Trees and a shell.

At Japanese Garden on Koh Tao I saw two groups of squid and managed to get some shots in.

Last but not least, some shots of anemone which can be seen on almost all dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand.

A red sea star or starfish.

More anemone.

It was fun Marcus, hope to see you soon again!


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