December 2007 AI completed

The first part of the December 2007 IDC has been completed today.

After two days Prep course and 4 days AI course, we're all ready for a nice day off.

All candidates had to sit through a few presentations by me and there's more coming up in the OWSI program, starting on Thursday!

There was also plenty of water work and here are Will and Sophia concentrating on what to do during one of their confined water presentations.

Joakim and Rob during the same confined water presentation, getting ready to enter the water.

As usual we had our share of nice lunches at World Resort. From left to right Miro, Rob, Joakim, Will, Sophia and Paul.
Today we completed the Open Water training part of the AI course and after some counseling we were on our way home to meet later tonight at the pub and have a beer and some chit chat!


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