DSAT Gas Blender Instructor Course

Naz wanted to get the most of his stay on Samui.

That's why he went to the Full Moon party on Koh Phangan tonight, but before he did that, he completed the DSAT Gas Blender course and the Gas Blender Instructor course with me, after already having successfully completed the IDCS course yesterday with the completion of the current IDC course.

During the tank filling he did fall in love with one the tanks and we had to painfully separate him from the tanks.

Part of the course is also Oxygen cleaning, where you clean equipment parts so they become oxygen compatible. This is Naz in front of the ultrasonic bath, the little white box next to him. This bath is used to clean equipment parts in vinegar/water solutions or Simple Green (hi Dave!) solutions by shaking the dirt loose.

A filled Nitrox tank, by the master Naz himself! Congrats Naz, hope to see you back soon, it was fun!


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