IDC prep course started today

Today the IDC prep started.

With two candidates, Jeff from the UK and Nienke from the Netherlands, and one IDCS candidate, Amit (see yesterday's blog post) we started to sort the red tape and completed all the required paperwork and started with the first presentation by me, the introduction to the IDC. Before lunch they also completed two exams, Physics and Physiology, which they both passed.

After lunch we went into the pool and completed a skill circuit of 20 skills and practiced rescue scenario # 7, unconscious diver at the surface, which is part of the PADI IE.

Here's Jeff during his introduction part this morning.

Nienke telling us her about how she got involved in diving.

Jeff and Nienke at work during their exams. Amit is keeping an eye out in the back of the classroom.

Tomorrow morning we continue with the remainder of the exams, RDP, Equipment and General Skills and after lunch we will practice the skill circuit one more time.

Stay tuned for regular updates and pix of this IDC.


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