PADI IE August 2007

The August PADI IE on Koh Tao

After three days the PADI IE was completed this morning. Bas and Jamie did very well but there was a bit of a surprise at the very end.

The two PADI examiners who conducted this IE, on the left Thomas Knedlik and on the right Rob Scammell. It turned out that guys from my IDC where in a group with 3 other candidates and Rob would be their examiner for the duration of this IE.

The exams went well, here are Bas on the left and Jamie on the right after successfully completing the 5 theory Exams and the General Standards and procedures exam on day 1 of this IE.

We make a jump and are on a picture from today at the pool.

Yesterday they both passed with flying colours their Knowledge Review part and the Open Water part of the IE.

Today it was the turn for the Confined Water dive, the very last bit of this IE. They both passed their Confined Water presentation and they only had their Skill circuit to go before they would be Open Water Scuba Instructors.

That's where Jamie missed a few heartbeats and ran into problems with three out of five skills with the final result that he didn't pass his skill circuit and unfortunately has to come back to a next PADI IE to complete the Confined Water part. The other three parts of the IE he completed successfully, hence he doesn't have to repeat them again.

Here's the official group picture of the Class of August 2007. From left to right, Myself, Rob Scammell, the PADI Examiner, Bas and Jamie.

In my weather blog I posted a few pix about Koh Tao have a peek!