August IDC 2007 started today

The August 2007 IDC started today.

We already completed 2 days in the Prep Course in which the candidates, Bas and Jamie, completed a lot of red tape (paperwork) and practiced on their knowledge regarding the required 5 exams (Physics, Physiology, RDP, General Skills & Environment and Equipment.
During the prep course, they also completed each day a skill circuit consisting of 20 skills, each day followed by a Rescue exercise (Exercise #7 from the Rescue diver course) and we also completed the Introduction presentation from the IDC curriculum.

Today the real IDC started and they sat through 3 classroom presentations by me and in the afternoon they completed their Skill circuit and got evaluated on it, they both passed very convincingly. This picture shows them being busy looking something up in their Instructor Manuals in the classroom.
Tomorrow they will have to present their first Knowledge Development presentation and their first Confined Water presentation after which I will present another two presentations from the IDC curriculum.
See you all later during the course with some more updates.