Testimonial by Kevin McCaughey of the June 2017 PADI IDC on Phuket, Thailand

Testimonial by Kevin McCaughey of the June 2017 PADI IDC on Phuket, Thailand

It's been a good nine months, but better late than never, here's a glowing Testimonial by Kevin McCaughey of the June 2017 PADI IDC on Phuket, Thailand in conjunction with PADI CDC Center' Dive Asia' in Kata on Phuket.

With Kevin in your classroom you know that any moment something can or is about to happen. It was a fun time and course and as a fellow teacher, I could learn a thing or two from Kevin as well.
Time flew by, especially when you're having a good time and we sure did, during the IDC, the PADI IE and the specialty instructor training. A good time to look back on!

Testimonial by Kevin McCaughey of the June 2017 PADI IDC on Phuket, Thailand

Testimonial by Kevin McCaughey of the June 2017 PADI IDC on Phuket, Thailand; Kevin on the Dive Asia boat after having successfully completed his PADI IDC and PADI IE back in June 2017. This picture was taken before one of his self reliant diver course dives.

Here it is, Kevin's testimonial;

Nine months ago I did my IDC in Phuket with Camille Lemmens. I have waited until now to write a review of my experience because it was not until this past week that I completed teaching my first open water courses. I wanted to comment on my IDC through the lens of how well it prepared me for actual teaching. My situation is a bit unique in that I am not trying to launch a career as a dive instructor. I have been a high school teacher for twenty-five years and I will only be instructing courses in diving for students at my school.  As an older, experienced professional educator, I thought I might have presented a unique challenge to Camille as his student. In terms of that, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, in hindsight, I am sure I would not have found a better IDC experience anywhere! 

Leading up to the IDC, Camille provided important information to help prepare for my arrival and the first day of class and answered any question I had promptly - within 24 hours – including giving a perfect suggestion for accommodations. He was friendly and personable from start to finish and did an excellent job helping his students feel confident and at ease. I really appreciated his sense of humor and I have fond memories of the regular laughter that punctuated our days together.  As there is a lot of material to get through and a set way to wade through it, being rigorous but at the same time creating a student-friendly environment is a real talent of his that we appreciated throughout the course. 

Camille’s knowledge and experience is far-reaching. He was able to extend ideas well beyond the curriculum and to answer any of our questions regardless of how technical. All of the extra information he provided kept the class interesting. Camille is also extremely supportive. At times he needed to demonstrate a level of patience with me that another instructor might not have exhibited. I remember the excellent coaching and encouragement he provided before the IE. He meets his students where they are in their understanding or skill level and gets them to where they need to be. 

The proof is in the pudding. I wasn’t the best student at the beginning of my IDC but after all was said and done, I really felt I was especially well prepared for my IE and I passed it with flying colours. Most importantly, even after an eight-month wait to start working with students, I still feel very well equipped to successfully teach the Open Water and Specialty courses. I believe the students I just finished working with had a very capable instructor and a very positive experience and I have Camille to thank for my success. I would jump at the chance to take a further professional development course with him. Therefore, it is without hesitation that I strongly recommend that you choose Camille Lemmens as your instructor for your IDC. If you have further questions about my experience, please contact me at klmccaughey@yahoo.ca.

Much appreciated Kevin, for taking the time out tow rite this, after all this time. It's good to see and know that you're teaching scuba courses out there and I'm glad that I could be part of your education!
You took your time but the result is good and that's what matters.

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