Testimonial by Florian Przytarski of the October 2017 PADI IDC in Khao Lak, Thailand

Testimonial by Florian Przytarski of the October 2017 PADI IDC in Khao Lak, Thailand

They're coming in fast at the moment, here's another Testimonial by Florian Przytarski of the October 2017 PADI IDC in Khao Lak, Thailand in conjunction with PADI 5* IDC Center 'Sea Dragon'.

Flo was the first one to book for this October PADI IDC program in Khao Lak. Back in March we talked on the phone and shortly afterwards the deposit was paid by Flo. A real sample of an early bird! After regular contact over the next couple of months, it was great to finally meet him in person and I'm glad he joined our group. When I told him that I used to live in Berlin, well, actually West Berlin at the time being during the eighties, when 'Berlin noch eine reise wert war!', part of the foundation was laid which turned into be a good friendship.

Flo stayed a few days on in Khao Lak, to join a live aboard to the Similan islands but he also mentioned that he's coming to see me again and take on a few PADI Specialty Instructor courses. Flo, can't wait to see you again and when it comes to that day, you'll be welcomed by 'Ick gloob mir streift ein bus!'.

Looking forward to that day and hope you can make it soon. I'm glad an honored to have been part of your life and dive career! See you soon my friend.

Testimonial by Florian Przytarski of the October 2017 PADI IDC in Khao Lak, Thailand

Testimonial by Florian Przytarski of the October 2017 PADI IDC in Khao Lak, Thailand; Flo with PADI Examiner and Regional manager for Western Thailand Andy Auer after he successfully completed the PADI IE

Now on to Flo's testimonial, in German, with an English (Google aided) translation below it;

Ich habe Camille im März über das Netz gefunden und irgendwie sagte mir eine Stimme das es der richtige Typ am richtigen Ort zur richtigen Zeit für den IDC ist. Das ganze war für mich eine Challenge und als ich in Khao Lak ankam und das ganze Program des IDC und IE sah , sank meine Hoffnung den Kurs zu meistern auf Null. Camille aber hat in seinem IDC einen Plan, den er sich durch jahrelange Erfahrung erarbeitet hat. Von Tag zu Tag wuchs meine Zuversicht und ich lernte viel…..nach einer Woche war ich bereits total Zufrieden weil ich trotzdem ich seit 10 Jahren tauche noch nie so viel in so kurzer Zeit hinzugelernt hatte. Die IDC Gruppe kam aus der ganzen Welt : Niederlande, Schweiz, USA, Schweden , Brasilien …tja und ich aus Berlin 

OK ich musste mir natürlich einige Witze über Deutsche reinfahren….aber nun wer als Holländer im Wohnwagen sitzt …äh Glashaus mein ich natürlich Aber gut….als der IDC zu Ende ging fühlte ich mich wirklich gut vorbereitet und ging zuversichtlich in den IE . Camille und Fiona, das Divecenter Sea Dragon, unsere Gruppe ….alles war perfekt und was soll ich sagen ….ich hab’s geschafft 

Nach diesen unvergesslichen 16 Tagen bin ich nun Instruktor , aber das ist irgendwie gar nicht mehr so wichtig für mich. 

Ich habe irre viel gelernt , habe Sachen wirklich verstanden und kann sie jetzt auf meine eigene Art erklären und …..ich habe in Camille einen tollen Freund dazu gewonnen und auch 6 wirklich gute Freunde aus unserer Gruppe kennengelernt…..7 mit Fiona. 
Ich werde diese Zeit niemals vergessen und kann jedem der daran denkt Instruktor zu werden Camille und seine IDC wärmstens Empfehlen .

Jaaaaaaaaa Gut Gut

Flo aus Berlin im November 2017

In English;

I found Camille on the internet in March and somehow a voice told me it's the right guy in the right place at the right time for the IDC. The whole thing was a challenge for me and when I arrived in Khao Lak and saw the whole program of the IDC and IE, my hopes of mastering the course dropped to zero. But Camille has a plan in his IDC that he has been through with years of experience. From day to day my confidence grew and I learned a lot ... .. after a week I was already completely satisfied because even after 10 years of diving, I learned so much in such a short time. 
The IDC group came from all over the world: Netherlands, Switzerland, USA, Sweden, Brazil ... well and I from Berlin.
OK, of course, I had to take joke some German jokes ... .but now who is sitting in the caravan as a Dutchman ... um, glass house I mean.
But well .... When the IDC was over, I felt really well prepared and went with full confidence into the IE. Camille and Fiona, the Divecenter Sea Dragon, our group ... everything was perfect and what can I say ... I made it.
After these memorable 16 days, I'm now an instructor, but that's not so important anymore for me.
I have learned a lot, have really understood things and can now explain them in my own way and ... .. I with Camille I found a great friend and also 6 really good friends from our group ... ..7 with Fiona.
I will never forget this time and can anyone who thinks of becoming an instructor warmly recommend Camille and his IDC.
Jaaaaaaaaa good good

Thanks Flo for taking the time to sit down and write this testimonial, it's appreciated!

If you're looking into taking your PADI IDC program and leave your office desk behind, come and see me. Come and join our PADI IDC because we will look after you! Free your mind, change your life and become a PADI dive Instructor with eleven consecutive time Platinum PADI Course Director Camille Lemmens.

The next opportunities to join my PADI IDC programs are scheduled to start 5th December, 6th February and 7th March followed by further monthly programs on Phuket, Thailand in conjunction with PADI CDC Center 'Dive Asia', 6th January 2018 on Koh Lanta, Thailand in conjunction with PADI 5* IDC Center 'Blue Planet Divers', 23rd January I will be on Koh Phangan, Thailand for a PADI IDC program in conjunction with PADI 5* IDC Center 'Haad Yao Divers' and 20th February I will be back in Khao Lak, Thailand for a PADI IDC program in conjunction with PADI 5* IDC Center 'Sea Dragon'.

Don't hesitate to contact me to find out what I offer. Some free courses may be included in my IDC programs!

See you there,

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