Testimonial by Collin of the April 2016 PADI IDC on Koh Lanta

Testimonial by Collin of the April 2016 PADI IDC on Koh Lanta

Earlier today I received this glowing Testimonial by Collin of the April 2016 PADI IDC on Koh Lanta in conjunction with PADI 5* IDC Center 'Blue Planet Diver' on Koh Lanta.

It was great having you around during the PADI IDC and I'm sure you will have or find great use for PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor rating in the future. I'm confident it will complement your marine biology degree in many ways. Thanks a lot for taking the time out to write this testimonial, it's greatly appreciated.
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Testimonial by Collin of the April 2016 PADI IDC on Koh Lanta

Collin with Rob, the PADI Examiner during his PADI IE on Koh Lanta

Here is the Testimonial by Collin of the April 2016 PADI IDC on Koh Lanta;

I had been forewarned that Thailand was simply an Instructor candidate factory and that my IDC experience wouldn't be of the highest caliber. However, to my pleasant surprise, my experience with Camille Lemmens as my course director proved to be of utmost value and his dedication and commitment to his students truly showed itself during the actual examination period. 

Bear in mind you will be spending up to two weeks with a course director going over countless PADI presentations so the following is very important when considering with whom you study under. Throughout the IDC, Camille was able to keep his presentations entertaining and concise. He was able to pinpoint all the important information and stress them accordingly so you leave feeling adequately prepared not only for the IE, but for your career as an instructor as well. During the pool sessions, Camille's 13 years of experience as a course director showed itself as he not only knew what was required in past IE's and how to practice accordingly, but sprinkled his own tidbits in as well from his own teaching experiences. 

But Camille's dedication and commitment truly shined when the time of the IE actually came around. Looking at the other candidates and their course directors, I felt like we were the most adequately prepared and supported. During the pool sessions, Camille kept a watchful eye on our progress, not because he was nervous, but because he wanted to witness our success. 

Overall, I would highly recommend any potential IE candidate to study under Camille Lemmens as their course director. If you are looking for a course director who is committed to the success of his students for both the IE and a career in diving, Camille is the guy for you. 

Thanks again Collin! If this testimonial inspires you to participate in one of my PADI IDC programs, the next three programs are scheduled on Phuket, Thailand in conjunction with PADI CDC Center 'Dive Asia' and these programs respectively start 3rd May and 7th and 29th June. Each month there will be a PADI IDC scheduled on Phuket, directly followed by a PADI IE plus I have PADI IDC programs scheduled at other locations as well, please check my PADI IDC Schedule here.

Please contact me if you have any further questions.

See you at my PADI IDC programs!

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