Box jelly fish work group visits Koh Samui and Koh Phangan

Yesterday I met with a work group of box jelly fish, funded by the Thai government and the main people in this group are the same that I met five years ago on Koh Samui for the first time. Sadly enough, many box jelly fish encounters have occurred since our first meeting. but both the group and myself keep working hard to get awareness out there.

Dr, Lakkana Thaikurea contacted me around 20th July, to see if I could arrange meetings on Koh Samui through the THA (Thai Hotel Association), but on such short notice and in high season, that seemed not really possible.

Unfortunately. come 31st July we had a very sad incident, a 31 one year old Thai woman passed away on Koh Phangan after a box jelly fish incident and 3 other persons got injured.

Box jelly fish work group visits Koh Samui and Koh Phangan

Dr, Lakkana, Dr. Potjaman Siriarayapon, Dr. Hataya Kanjanasombut and Khun Chunton Ratanasuwan, owner of Bandon Hospital with myself and other work group members at Bandon Hospital

Nonetheless, the main reason for the work group, was achieved, by meeting new contacts and trying to set up a network that can help each other out when box jelly fish accidents happen.
One of the meetings was held at Bandon Hospital and this is where I met up with the work group.

Today they were still on Koh Samui and tomorrow they will go for a few days to Koh Phangan, where they will have several meetings, before coming back for a few days to Koh Samui.

Over the years we stayed in contact whenever incidents occurred in the Samui archipelago and other parts of Thailand. I met Dr. Lakkana again last year, when she visited Koh Samui and presented awareness programs to Samui hotel staff.

It was good to meet up again and see the determination of these dedicated Doctors, who take every opportunity to raise awareness about box jelly fish and how to deal with incidents, at various levels.
It's good to see how the circle of awareness widens every time we have incidents and more people get involved.
Respect to the members of this work group.


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