Shark Guardian presentation in Phuket

Fairly unexpectedly, just two days ago, I found out about a Shark Guardian presentation in Phuket. Since I am here anyway, it was a no brainer for me to attend and check it out and meet up with Brendon and Liz. 
Being a 'Shark Guardian leader' presenter myself, it's also a good opportunity to pick up new facts during Brendon and Liz's presentation.

Shark Guardian presentation in Phuket

Brendon and Liz during the presentation

Tonight's presentation main focus was about the whaleshark project that Shark Guardian is involved in and it deals with whaleshark sightings and documentation. This was a new but very interesting presentation for me, with lots of new whaleshark facts.
After having seen the presentation, I must dig through my whaleshark pictures again and see if any are fit for the project.

Shark Guardian presentation in Phuket

Liz, Brendon and myself

An interesting evening and always good to catch up with Brendon and Liz. In March I am working on some dates for Shark Guardian presentations in the Philippines, so keep an eye out for updates on this and hope to see you there.


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