First ever Shark Guardian presentation in the Philippines, 2nd December 2014 in Moalboal

It's been over a year ago since I witnessed my first Shark Guardian presentation on Gili Air in Indonesia. Ever since I helped in organizing a Shark Guardian presentation on Koh Samui, Thailand earlier this year and I helped out a little bit during a two day visit of Shark Guardian to two different International schools on Samui in October 2014.

During this last two day visit, Brendon, one of the directors of Shark Guardian, and myself got to talk a bit and the idea came up to have me aboard as one of the Shark Guardian leaders, for my up and coming trip to the Philippines this December.

Shark Guardian presentation Moalboal, Philippines, group picture

A group picture of about half of the visitors

At the time being there was one Shark Guardian center in the Philippines, in Moalboal, exactly where I was going to visit and where we planned the first Philippines Shark Guardian presentation. 
With a bit of preparation and training with and by Brendon, I was sent on the road!

Shark Guardian presentation Moalboal, Philippines, audience

Part of the audience during the presentation

Johan at Neptune Diving Adventures, manager of the first Shark Guardian dive center, at Panagsama Beach near Moalboal, organized a venue and with a bit of advertising we were ready to go! The turn out for this first Philippine presentation was very good and encouraging and some 50 people showed up; divers, dive pro's and a few non divers as well.

Shark Guardian presentation Moalboal, Philippines, audience

Part of the audience as seen from behind me

With a captive audience and some good questions, we had a successful evening and at the end a nice amount of Shark Guardian was bought by the audience, more questions were asked and contact information exchanged.

The Philippines is ready for more, so please keep an eye out for more Shark Guardian presentations next year!

Now there are two Shark Guardian dive centers in the Philippines! Hopefully there can be some more added soon!

Thanks to Brendon, Liz, Johan, Jesper and George and all the good people that showed up!


All pictures by George Wegmann.

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