Working at the Koh Samui hyperbaric Chamber

During my spare time when I'm back on Koh Samui, I'm on call for the Hyperbaric chamber here on the island, which is located in Bang Rak.

When there's a patient and I'm on the island, I can expect a call to help out either being the operator or the tender.

Koh Samui hyperbaric chamber

The Koh Samui hyperbaric chamber in Bang Rak

Very simply put; 
Being the operator means that you're on the outside and regulate the depth of the patient and check the duration of the patients stay at certain predetermined depths and the tender is inside the chamber with the patient, looking after the general well being and/or condition of a patient.
As a tender, you go inside the chamber for the whole duration of that days specific treatment and look after the patient.

Koh Samui hyperbaric chamber

Ricci, the manager on the left

Last month, usually considered to be low season, there were three cases and since I was on the island, I was involved in the treatment of two of these cases.
The Samui chamber is part of a world wide chain and the Thai main operation is located in Phuket, where they on a regular base conduct chamber technician courses.

My operator and tender course

My operator and tender course back in 2000

My course was way back in 2000 and ever since I have been involved with the local Samui chamber on a regular base. Due to me being so much on the road, I'm not as much available as I would like, but every time I can help out, it's always a pleasure!

If you're interested in or would like more information about working at the Phuket or Samui chamber, please contact me.


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