Testimonial by Michael Podesta

Today I received a testimonial, written by Michael Podesta who participated in the recent July/August PADI IDC in Osan in South Korea and who was one of my dive buddies during the 38th Parallel dive;

Unlike my peers who took the PADI IDC course with me, I was the wildcard. They were all very fresh on the material since they took most PADI courses back to back within the past couple of years. 
I took most of my PADI courses in 1998 then had a very long break. 
I took the AI course in S. Korea 2013, 15 years later feeling very outdated and lost, had another short break and rolled right in to the IDC with Camille Lemmens. I must say with his experience, techniques and the extra time & care he gave to ensure all of his students would pass the IE really put me at ease. 
Regardless of the time whenever I needed Camille for a question or some extra study he was available to help and never said no. He truly helped me wipe away old dust from my outdated 1998 PADI education and quickly got me up to date to the 2014 PADI standards. When I started the IDC I was not able to pass the written exams, after Camille put in extra time with me and passing over tips of the trade I was a 1st time go on all exams during the PADI IE!!! 
Wow that was a relief that money is not able to buy. 
I am very grateful to have had Camille as my IDC and Specialty instructor. 
Thanks to Camille the IE was no sweat. 
One big ALOHA to Camille!

Michael after completing his PADI IE

Michael after completing his PADI IE in Sacheon-myeon

Thanks for taking the time to write this testimonial Mike, much appreciated!

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If this testimonial inspires to participate in a PADI IDC with me, the next program is scheduled to start 14th November in Khao Lak in Thailand the last program this year is scheduled to start in Moalboal in the Philippines which is followed by the first program of 2015 and is scheduled to start 3rd January on Koh Lanta in Thailand and this is followed by plenty of more programs next year.

See you there,


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