PADI Instructor specialty training in South Korea

Yesterday we completed the last training dives for the Specialty Instructor training dives with the recent Osan IDC group and after four days of diving and 7 dives (for Larry eight!), we finally could call it a day.

Underwater navigation specialty

Walking patterns with a compass at land for the Underwater Navigation specialty

During one of the dive, I completed my 2000th logged dive and Allen completed his 1000th logged dive during the last dive of this trip.

Knot tying for the wreck diver specialty

Knot tying for the wreck diver specialty, lots of fun was had during land practice

We did some beach dives at Sacheon-myeon, see picture below and two boat dives for the wreck specialty and yesterday we completed the series of dives with two boat dives at Namae-ri for the Deep dive specialty.

The dive site at Sacheon-myeon

Lisa, Michael and Carel each got 7 specialties completes, George eight and Larry nine. Job well done guys and girl and special thanks for having the patience to dive with this warm water diver in this, for me, cold water. During the boat dives we hit temperatures of 9, 10, 11 and 12C on a regular base and that was cold for me, despite my 5mm semi dry wetsuit. Next it will be 8mm  semi dry or a dry suit!

Namae-ri dive store

Setting up equipment at the Namae-ri dive store

Besides the already mentioned specialties, we also completed Night-, Search & Recovery-, Nitrox- and Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor specialties.
Larry and George completed the Gas Blender Instructor specialty training and Larry also completed the side mount instructor training dive!

Lots of fun was had, good times, good food was had and good company. It was sad to see you all go different directions yesterday! Job well done though and looking forward to seeing you all again!


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