Shark Guardian presentation on Koh Samui, July 2014

Yesterday evening saw a very interesting and enthusiastically received presentation by Shark Guardian at the Imperial Boathouse in Choengmon.

Brendon in action

Brendon and Liz guided us through some interesting information regarding sharks, with lots of bits and pieces of information that most of the audience didn't know. Among others, we learned the name of the smallest shark in the world, which fully mature and grown only reaches 20cm of length.

The audience

With videos, statistics and great anecdotes, an hour flew by after which some interaction with the audience started and hopefully some good contacts were made, so we can have some more Shark Guardian presentations on Samui in the future.

Liz and Brendon

I truly hope that we can see more of Liz and Brendon and their Shark Guardian charity on the Gulf Islands and especially on Samui!
Thanks for the informative evening and see you soon!


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