PADI IDC in Osan, South Korea hits the half way mark

The second Western ever PADI IDC in Osan, South Korea is already past the half half way mark. Or as explained before, it's actually the PADI OWSI course.

PADI IDC, theory exams

The PADI IDC theory exams are in full progress right now and it's all about concentration, whilst lots of blood, sweat and tears are bring lost, plus a couple of curses

PADI IDC, confined water

A shady buddy check by George

All classroom stuff and confined water dives are getting done here at Osan AB (Air Force Base) but for the Open Water dives we move to the South Korean East Coast, to a city called Sacheon. Stay tuned for updates from here, over the weekend.

PADI IDC, confined water, neutral bouyancy

Larry achieving neutral buoyancy on scuba, not always easy if you don't get the hours in

It's great to be here again, the last PADI IDC I conducted here is already three years ago. Most of this IDC is however taught in the USofA, since every time we enter the Air Force, we're basically entering the USA and it feels and looks like you're back in the US somewhere, once you're on base.

PADI IDC, confined water, air depletion

Lisa staying cool under pressure and out of gas!

The facilities are great, a massive, clear pool is at our disposal and it's deep! The deep end is at 12ft or 4 meters, a real treat to work in. The classroom is nice, some serious a/c action going on, it's almost receiving free arctic survival training and the convenience is great; a beamer dropping out of the ceiling with a massive  white board and screen. Plenty of space as well, the room seats up to 30 people!

PADI IDC, confined water, supervision

Allen providing supervision during the skill circuit in the pool

Being on base also means that there's a food court. This means American junk food pristine. Despite there being a Subway, Captain D's, Charlies, Pizza Hut and the like, I have taken full advantage of the Taco Bell option each day! But alas, so much for dive related issues. Two more days classroom and base and than off to Seoul for a day before we move to the coast.

PADI IDC, confined water, buddy check

Carel and Mike's buddy check

There are more PADI IDC dates coming up this year and one of the programs or locations may appeal to you, so don't hesitate to contact me to get more information about one of these up and coming programs; 16th August on Gili Air in Indonesia, 14th September in Moalboal in the Philippines and 30th September on Koh Samui in Thailand.


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