Bubblemaker time with my son

During my recent visit to Gili Air in Indonesia, my family came along and they had a nice holiday and I conducted a PADI IDC.
My 8 year old son (almost 9!) was very interested in what I actually do all the time when I'm away from home. Almost every day, he was already waiting in the pool, for me to show up and do skills or presentations with the IDC candidates. He loved it and watched everything closely.

Dennis at the pool

At the pool

One thing lead to the other and he was eager to have dive in the pool, or in PADI terminology a Bubblemaker experience. During the last days of the IDC, I found time and off we went into the pool. He loved every minute or better second of it. First I explained all the basic rules and the most important thing in diving; never hold your breath, always keep breathing and once that was out of the way, it was time to swim around in the shallow end of the pool and have fun.
He loved it when I threw coins around the pool, to go out and find them.

Dennis during his first dive

During his first dive

The pool dive was such a success, that we quickly decided that a dive in confined open water was in place and PADI CDC Center 'Oceans 5' has a great house reef in front of it's doors. In the afternoon, once the last fast boat has left for Bali, we went in the water and cruised around the harbor for a bit. It was a great dive and we saw a few nice animals, including a very young blue spotted sting ray, a sea snake in hunting mode, a pipefish and plenty of sea urchins. The latter he wasn't too impressed with, Grand dad has told him that these were dangerous!

The second dive together with me on the picture

Following the success of the first 'open water' dive, we decided to have a second dive a day or so later. Off we went again and this time he enjoyed it even more. Happy days all around and after the dive he immediately inquired about diving around Koh Samui
To make a long story short, a dive around Samui is in the making, as soon as I am home again and find time to do it. In July my sister is visiting and that may be a good opportunity, a dive with both of our respective sons together!

With thanks to Jurgen for coming along on the dives and taking the pictures!


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