Hyperbaric chamber on Phuket, Thailand

During my recent visit to Phuket for running a 9km race, I stayed at the Blue Carina Inn hotel, which as it turned out, was located opposite the SSS Hyperbaric Chamber in Phuket! It was early in the morning after the race that I figured this out and they were still closed and since I was on my way to start the November PADI IDC in Khao Lak, so unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to visit and check out the facilities. Something still on my list of things to do, especially since I know now where they are located.

Hyperbaric chamber in Phuket, Thailand

The sign outside of the hyperbaric chamber

They first opened their doors in 1996 and back in the days it was the first re-compression chamber in Southern Thailand and is now part of a network of 5 facilities in the Kingdom.
The building seems to be located on the premises of the Phuket International Hospital, which gives easy access to medical facilities if required or in case of unexpected emergencies.

Hyperbaric chamber in Phuket, Thailand, entrance

The entrance with a road sign in Thai and English

The Phuket chamber is part of the same SSS recompression chamber network as the hyperbaric or recompression chamber on Koh Samui, where I am a volunteer.

In contrast to the Koh Samui facility, in Phuket they have a 'multi place' re-compression chamber.

If you are visiting Phuket and would like to tour the facility, you are welcome! Chamber tours are free, but they ask that you contact them during normal business hours by phone to arrange an appropriate time to ensure patient treatments are not being conducted. Try 076 209 347 or for emergencies 081 081 9000.

Hyperbaric chamber in Phuket, Thailand, frontal view

Hyperbaric chamber in Phuket, Thailand, frontal view

The SSS Network / Phuket Chamber Facility works with the Phuket Diving, Medical, and Rescue communities in a number of ways. They sponsor seminars and training programs on a regular basis to the local dive operators, and host seminars on rescue and dive medicine topics.

One of the courses they offer is the Tender / Operator Course (TOP)

This course provides comprehensive knowledge about the Decompression Illness (DCI) and a complete spectrum of practical skills necessary for the safe chamber operation and inside chamber patient tending.

If you want to expand your general diving knowledge, give them a call and arrange for a tour of the facilities, something I am planning to do in the (near) future.


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