PADI Specialty Instructor training on Gili Air in Indonesia

Straight after the October IDC on Gili Air, we started Instructor specialty training with all of the IDC candidates.

Gina, Ramos and Franck had the full Monty packages and Antoine, David and Juri participated in the Nitrox instructor specialty.

After the deep dive yesterday at Shark Point, only Juri is missing in this picture

We did a wide variety of training and the courses included Deep, Dup, Underwater Naturalist, AWARE Fish ID and a fantastic Night dive, which ranks under my all time fave night dives, with lots of Mandarin fish and cockatoo wasp fish just to name a few.
I can't wait until I receive my underwater housing which should be next week, before the start of the next IDC in Khao Lak, Thailand. My fingers are itching to take some underwater pix again!

On the boat on the way out to the dive site, David, myself, Olivier, Gina, Franck and Antoine, picture by Ramos!

During all the dives I also saw a few 'firsts'! This keeps it more than just interesting. This time around I cloud note down; skeleton shrimp and the cockatoo wasp fish. I'm sure there's more to come!
There was also some other mighty cool stuff; white tip reef sharks, bob tail squid, various nudi's, hawksbill turtles almost on every dive and much more to mention.

Max and me after the side mount dives

During all the above mentioned diving, I also did a side mount diver and instructor course with max, who completed his IDC on Gili Air with me last year August.
We had some awesome dives and time flew by, like it does when you have fun! It was good seeing him again and especially on side mount!

Take care folks, next updates will come from Khao Lak in Thailand, just in few days! The IDC starts 17th November there!


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