EFRI Course in Khao Lak, November 2013

Yesterday, after we completed the last part of the November 2013 PADI IDC in Khao Lak, an open water training dive, we also completed during the afternoon the last parts of the EFRI course in Khao Lak, Thailand.

EFRI Course November 2013 in Khao Lak, Thailand

From left to right; Chrissy, Alex, Anni, Pato, Jason and myself

It was a long day and we had the PADI IE waiting for us the next day (today), but we did complete it and as the picture above shows, we did have some fun as well along the way!

Now it's just one more day before the PADI IE is completed and tomorrow it should be party time! Just one more step to complete; the open water dive!

There are plenty of opportunities for you to start a PADI IDC with me and the EFRI course will be part of the IDC, although there's only one left this year, scheduled to start 8th December in Dauin, Philippines.
For next year things look busy and the first PADI IDC for 2014 is scheduled to start 4th January on Koh Lanta, Thailand followed by a program scheduled to start 21st January in either Dauin or Malapascua in the Philippines.


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