The next PADI IDC is coming up; 17th November in Khao Lak

The current PADI IDC on Gili Air in Indonesia hasn't been completed yet but it's time to announce the next program which is coming up soon. 

Come 16th November I will start an IDCS course and the next day 17th November, the PADI IDC will kick off at PADI 5* IDC Center 'Sea Dragon' in Khao Lak.

17th November, start of PADI IDC in Khao Lak

17th November, start of a new PADI IDC in Khao Lak in conjunction with PADI 5* IDC Center 'Sea Dragon'

If you think it's time to start living the dream and changing your life by becoming a PADI scuba instructor, it's not too late! My next PADI IDC is the last IDC of this year, scheduled to start 8th December on Malapascua in the Philippines followed by the first IDC of 2014, which will start 4th January on Koh Lanta, Thailand which in turn is followed by another PADI IDC on Malapascua in the Philippines scheduled to start 21st January.

See you there!


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