Shark Guardian presentation on Gili Air, Indonesia

From many different resources I heard a lot about the 'Shark Guardian' presentations, an initiative by fellow PADI Course Director Brendon Singh.
The presentations are becoming so popular that Brendon and his wife Liz can slowly start making a shift to be their main work and one step that helped was that they are now an officially acknowledged charity in the UK, since July 2013.

Liz and Brandon on Gili Air

The presentation is very informative and even for experienced dive instructors there are plenty of interesting and new pieces of information and knowledge available during the presentation.

The 'shark' family is shown by it's various classifications and plenty of video's and pictures accompany the presentations, which is delivered in a relaxed yet very informative and knowledgeable way.
During the presentation it becomes very obvious how passionate Brendon and Liz are about shark protection and conservation.

A new initiative by Shark Guardian for all divers and professionals in Thailand is the 'eshark' project.
eShark provides a simple way for divers and snorkelers to report the sharks, rays and sawfish they see, and don’t see (zero’s are just as important!), in a way that is used to assess and monitor populations, communities and ecosystems. Most importantly these data are used to assess the need for, and success of marine management initiatives, including sanctuaries.

eShark surveys have been rigorously developed through collaborations with divers, statisticians, biologists and experts in the field of citizen science.

One of the Shark Guardian downloadable flyers or hand outs

Brendon and Liz run this project on a voluntary base and support themselves by selling bits and pieces of merchandise and if you're interested in having a presentation in your dive center, international school or other event, please contact them and they will try their best to find a way to make it happen, It worked in Hong Kong, Brunei and Indonesia, just to name a few, why wouldn't it work at your place?


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