RIP Marcia

Marcia Fisk Ong, who celebrated her 62nd birthday 1st October, passed away during a dive accident on 7th October in Australia.

Marcia during her IDCS course in Dauin, Philippines

Marcia was running her dive center 'Gekko divers' in Phuket, Thailand and she is well known and respected within the international dive community.

Marcia at the surface during one of the open water dives of the IDC in Dauin last year

In July 2012 she participated in the IDC Staff course with me in Dauin, Philippines and it was my privilege to have known her and to have been able to work and dive with her.

Marcia during one of her Australian dives

She made a big impression on most people that got to know her and one of her big achievements is the way PADI is changing the way open water students should be buoyant in their skills during the new and revised way the Open Water course should be taught in the near future; "new emphasis to increase buoyancy practice and application, conduct as much of the training as possible while students are neutrally buoyant (rather than sitting on the bottom)".
She was the person who introduced me to this and she wrote an article in the Undersea Journal about this.

She was also a well respected moderator on Scubaboard, probably the biggest online dive chat community in the world, where she was known as 'Quero'. You can send your condolences on Scubaboard at this thread.

Rest in peace Marcia and my thoughts are with her family