My website has a new look

Indeed, after a few years, it was time for an upgrade and my website does indeed have a new look and a couple of add-ons that weren't available in the old version. Have a look here for the English version or here for the Dutch version.

Sail Rock nudibranch eggs

Nudibranch eggs at Sail Rock

The new things are that you can visit my IDC Facebook group directly through my website and this great blog is now attached to the website.

Hope you like it and don't be shy to contact me about IDC enquiries about PADI IDC's on Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Lanta or in Khao Lak all in Thailand or on Gili Air in Indonesia or Dauin or Malapascua in the Philippines.

The next programs will start 12th June on Koh Samui in Thailand, 6th July on Malapascua in the Philippines, 31st July on Koh Phangan in Thailand and 18th August on Gili Air in Indonesia.


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