PADI Instructor specialties around Gili Ai, Indonesia

During and after the recent PADI IDC here on Gili Air, I conducted some PADI Instructor level specialties and here are some of the pictures I managed to take.

A longhorn cowfish, the first time I spot this fish species

During the IDC I did a few dives with Iggy, who completed his IDC in February on Gili Air. Because there's immediately a house reef in front of PADI 5* IDC Center 'Oceans 5' where I conduct my IDC's it was easy to complete a few days straight after classes.

A ringed pipefish

After the IDC I conducted specialties with John and Riet in Digital Underwater Photography (DUP), Enriched Air and Deep diving. Alycia and Marco only participated in the Nitrox specialty training.

Snowflake eel

One of the dives happened to be my 1900th dive, a nice milestone and now I'm looking forward to my 2000th dive, which I don't expect before next year. Today we will have one more deep dive, later on during the early morning!

John was wearing DUP approved shorts during the dives!

The dive sites around the Gili islands cater to everybody, thee's lots of macro dive sites with small critters but white tip reef sharks, bumpheads, big mantas and the like can also be spotted. pending on what dive site you visit. It's really worthwhile visiting here and getting wet!

Blue spotted sting ray

It was great to be here again and I'm already looking forward to my next PADI IDC on Gili Air, scheduled to start 18th August.

Double ended pipefish

My next PADI IDC starts already in a few days, 9th May, on Koh Samui in Thailand followed by an IDC in Dauin in the Philippines starting 20th May, which is followed by another IDC scheduled to start 12th June on Koh Samui again and 6th July sees an IDC starting on Malapascua in the Philippines.


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