PADI Instructor Development Update 2013, Bali, Indonesia

During the next couple of months, PADI has scheduled a few Instructor Development Updates around the Asia Pacific region and today's Bali update in Indonesia was the first in a row of a few more to come. As it happened to be, this suited my travel plans, since during all other updates I may be either teaching and therefor unable to attend and/or I'm too far away, so I can't attend.

PADI Instructor Development Update, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia staff

The PADI staff for the update; Marc van der Poel on the left and George Wegmann on the right of me

Another reason why I enjoyed this update in Bali, is because it gives me the chance to meet other PADI Course Directors that I may know of but never met. Besides one attending Course Director, I never met any of the other attendees. It was nice to be able to meet them.

PADI Instructor Development Update, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia slide

Being the only Course Director being based in Thailand, there were some other people visiting from some far away destinations as well. Besides the majority of the people attending being based in Bali itself, one person came from Perth in Australia and one person came from Manado in Indonesia, which is also more than just a few kilometers away from Bali.

PADI Instructor Development Update, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia pool

'CD Thailand' that must be me!

All in all it was an interesting meeting, with the morning being spend in a conference room, discussing upcoming changes and for the first time we had a pool dive as part of the update as well.

Both parts saw some good discussions and I hope that all attendees are now 'calibrated' again, as George said!
Thanks to Marc and George and all attendees.


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